I bet you’ve seen it.


One of my favorite Denzel Washington films is Fallen:

The idea that evil, pure evil, can be passed person to person with the merest brush of a touch is terrifying and this film makes that premise seem real.

3 years into Covid, it’s worth watching Fallen again. The idea that you could spread a virus that can kill another person simply by breathing in their presence is a reality we’ve been living with since that first person collapsed and died in Wuhan.

But what if we have the ability to spread something positive with every touch?

What if merely being in the presence of this special person could cure disease?

Or hopelessness?

Or be a force for good rather than evil, of uniting rather than further dividing us?

What if the touch didn’t have to be physical? What if it could work even when you’re separated by miles and miles?

Isn’t that the opportunity you have every day when you open the mic and begin to speak?

Imagine how you could change our world.