Eye of God

On beauty…

Whenever my internal voices debate the unlikelihood of the existence of a personal and caring God, I think of beauty.

There is plenty of ugliness if you look for it: warthogs, the slums of Mumbai, the naked mole rat

The question is, why is there so much beauty in our natural world?

If creation is a mathematical function, an inevitability, how do we explain the heart-clutching beauty of a bed of flowers, or a peacock, or a sunset?

These things do not need to be beautiful to exist, to thrive. Not this beautiful!

And so I wonder if God loves — needs — beauty occasionally, just as we do, and tampered — tampers — a bit here and there, with this bird, or fish, or person, just to create it, for pure enjoyment.

When you need hope, when your faith ebbs, seek out beauty. It is everywhere to be found…

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