Excuses, Excuses

Making a list, checking it twice…

The truth is, there’s never been more actual cause for excuses than today.

  • Budget cuts
  • Under-staffing
  • No research
  • No marketing
  • No promotion
  • No contesting
  • No time to think
  • No time to listen.
  • No real authority
  • Too many spots…


Watch this:

No matter how valid, excuses are still excuses.

They’re still designed to “excuse” your actual performance, results, or lack thereof.

If our world was a just place, the only people left inside your radio station would be the very best at what they do:

  • the best air talent
  • the best copywriters
  • the most creative, skilled production people
  • the best programmers
  • the best talent coaches
  • the best GMs
  • the best owners…

Our world is not just.

Hundreds of talented people, good people, people you would be proud to have in your company, people who have succeeded far more often than not, people who could make your station and your company better very quickly, have been shoved out our doors.

Many have lost just about everything, including their sense of who they are.

They’re struggling to re-define themselves in the worst global economy since the Great Depression.

We, who are still privileged to be paid to do this, need to make the very most of the opportunity, even if conditions are not ideal.

Every day, every air shift, every hour.

Expect the best of yourself. Demand the best of yourself.

This isn’t the time for excuses.