Evolution or Revolution?

Or neither?

I read a piece in the Harvard Business Review a while back about the differences between evolutionary and revolutionary innovation.

Here’s the part I saved:

Evolutionary innovators ask questions based on the limitations of existing solutions; revolutionary innovators ask questions no one else has thought of.” *

What I’m wondering today is if radio has either type of innovator?

Even Spotify and Pandora are more evolution than revolution.

Why can’t we have the equivalent of the DVR for our car radios so we can rewind and re-listen to that bit we missed?

Why can’t we hit a button and automatically buy a new song we hear and love when we’re driving and have it automatically added to our iTunes library?

Why can’t we hit another button and have a coupon for the product radio just advertised that we want to try sent to our smart phone?

These are evolutionary, not revolutionary, ideas — but I don’t even hear the NAB or RAB or any other AB talking about things like this.

Where is the visionary leader in our industry who is creating “radio” none of the rest of us can even imagine?

Where’s our revolutionary innovator?




*Jeff Stible