Everything Everywhere

All at once

The internet has broken us. Inundated with information (and misinformation), we’re overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Notifications chime at all hours, the scroll never ends. We seek solace not in others but in our devices – portals to our curated bubbles of content and community.

There’s something about modern life that feels resonant with a multiverse story,” says Daniel Scheinart, half of the directing duo known as Daniels. “Everyone’s in their own little universes. We’re all logging into social media and discovering these subcultures that are sometimes really beautiful and fascinating, sometimes nightmarish and conspiracy-laden. It’s a very confusing experience.”

“That confusion is the basis for Daniels’ Everything Everywhere All at Once, which is already inspiring a frenzy of breathless praise: It’s being heralded as the year’s first great film and almost instantly became Letterboxd’s highest-rated film ever just from its limited release (not to mention box-office numbers and sold-out theatrical engagements rarely seen since before Covid).”
(*All quotes from The Guardian)

This film, which sounds really interesting, is available in most major markets in America right now and should be available in the UK within days.


You probably saw the news that one of the World Central Kitchen food sites was struck by a missile last week. Two of its employees, serving refugees, were injured in the attack. And that hasn’t stopped them from their mission. You won’t find a better way to help Ukrainian refugees. Please support them.