Everyone Loves Music

Here’s how the Big 3 sell it.


It’s so rare to see a TV spot for an American radio station that they’re almost not even a part of this discussion.

Europe, Asia, and Australia all use TV a lot more than radio in America, and, honestly, I think more broadcasters in those regions “get it” better than American execs when it comes to marketing radio.

Today, I want you to see how the Big 3 streaming services are trying to win your business.

Do you think the average consumer can articulate one real difference between Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music, or do they all seem about the same?

Here, watch the latest from all three:




Here’s the take-away: All 3 are spending big bucks selling how music makes you feel. They’re selling emotion, not features.

Pandora is the most interesting of the 3 for me because we don’t get to actually hear the songs. We just get to see how hearing them affects the listener.

It’s pretty powerful.

Compare that spot to the ones 99% of American radio stations ran selling their music, back when American radio stations actually spent money on external marketing.

And who can not feel happier after watching Taylor bounce around while she lip-synchs to a song she clearly loves?

Spotify is a bit more cerebral, subtly taking advantage of the angst many Americans are feeling about the upcoming Presidential election.

How often do you let listeners talk about how specific songs make them feel?

Don’t you think that might be a good idea?

It’s got to be more impactful than another liner about “variety” or “uninterrupted music”.