Every Successful Team

has this. Does yours?


Every great sports team has at least one player who’s great and most have more than one.

Every single one.

And, over the years, I’ve learned that every great radio station has at least one great talent on their team, and usually more than one.


“…there are people who I call “90 percent players” and there are “10 percent players.

The 90 percent players are super-dependable. They work hard every day, and they’re amenable to whatever you want to do.

And the 10 percent people may not be great 90 percent of the time, but 10 percent of the time they’re genius, and they’re genius at the moment that matters.

It took me a long time to learn that there’s a beauty and a gift in the 10 percent people, and you have to be able to unlock it.”

That’s Erika Nardini and you can read the interview she gave the NY Times HERE. (subscription may be required)

Managers in our business often want only the super-dependables on their team, especially the mega-companies.

But I think that as an industry we’ve lost sight of the importance of having those 10 percenters too.

Genius is difficult.

Genius asks questions. Genius challenges inconsistencies.

Genius doesn’t much care for rules and boundaries.

Take a minute to think about your staff right now.

Do you have a 10 percenter?

Do you know where you can find one? ’cause I do. I certainly do.