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Every Part of Your Life

Every Part of Your Life



The best air talent has always understood that every part of their life is a source for their content.

They bring curiosity to every minute away from the microphone.

They listen more than they talk once outside the studio.

They plunge into as many new life experiences as they can, even though they’re just as terrified of “new” as you are, because today’s experience may be the source of something great they can use on the air tomorrow.

They are willing to be vulnerable in front of their listeners.

They are willing to fail, to be the object of scorn and derision, and that willingness often leads to unforgettable moments shared with listeners.

You’ve coasted long enough, blamed it on your format’s restrictions, your PDs inability to inspire or lead…

It’s time to step up and make listening to you unlike listening to any other person on the radio.

Can you do that today?