Here. watch this:

That woman is not actually real. She’s a digital creation, an animation.

The woman is rendered in remarkable detail — her hair shifts in subtle ways as she moves her head, her eyes look around the room and then at a chess bishop in a surprisingly natural way, and the final close-up shot of her face looks almost as if it’s one of an actual human being.” (The Verge)

This is both amazing and terrifying because it is now possible to create digital humans who look exactly like people we know, who can speak in the voices we know but literally have words put into their mouths that can incite hatred and violence. Russia has already tried this by faking a video from Ukrainian President Zelenskyy telling his army to surrender.

We must be even more careful now to verify anything we see on social media before we pass it on to others, lest we becoming unwitting tools of autocrats and haters.

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