Ending Loneliness

One great idea!


The irony of our always-connected world is that loneliness is increasing. Study after study proves it.

So I applaud Pedigree’s idea to help:


and another:


When I saw the effect the visiting dogs had on the residents at my mother’s memory care home, I was determined to train our dog, Tatum, for this kind of therapy work.

She would’ve been great, proving her patience at a birthday party for 3 year-olds. And I’m planning on getting my next dog certified as a therapy animal as soon as we get one.

Dogs are too wonderful to keep to yourself.

Why can’t Radio do something like this, in partnership with Pedigree (which might also bring in some advertising revenue). Create a website, let volunteers sign up, and do what you can to help alleviate loneliness in your town?

You can shoot videos to update progress, and have special events for the volunteers, their dogs, and their dog dates. I can almost guarantee local TV coverage.