Emotional Tools

Thatis the hook!

It’s just about time for another winter Olympics, coming to your TV soon from one of my favorite, and most beautiful, cities in the world, Vancouver, BC.

The Olympic Games get ratings, not because of the sports they cover, but because of the human stories they tell.

And each story is crafted with its own unique audio signature.

There is actually a company, AUDIOBRAIN, that specializes in providing specific sound and music for each visual story.

NBC senior producer and story editor, Brian Brown: “Sound is a very emotional tool. It gets into your psyche in a different way than visual storytelling.”

First, find the compelling stories that are begging to be told. They are all around you.

Second, take the effort, the time, to find the right music, the right sound, to make the story you tell impossible to forget.

When you do this, your story will spread.

When you do this, you make yourself irreplaceable.