I’ve been in one serious earthquake in my life, a 6.8, which was enough to move a massive teak wood bed, on which I was lying.

It took several seconds for me to comprehend what was happening. I had never experienced an earthquake before.

It was puny compared to an 8.9, considered a “Great Earthquake” on the Richter Scale. Still, it was disorienting, frightening in a way I’d never really been frightened before.

We expect the ground beneath us to be solid.

We want to believe we are in control.


The panic in this next video is palpable, and you don’t need to understand Japanese to understand the terror of being in the midst of something this destructive:


It’ll cost $100 to fill up your Hummer this weekend.
Charlie Sheen either is, or isn’t, nuttier than a fruitcake.
Lindsey Lohan either is, or isn’t a thief.
Sarah Palin either will, or won’t, run for President.
President Obama either is, or isn’t, actually an American.

This is what we worry about?


Our government is providing Search and Rescue teams. If you’re moved to help by the images of the suffering and damage you see, this is a good place to start: The Search Dog Foundation.

My oldest friend is Japanese. We met as children in Malaysia, and have maintained contact for 50 years. His family, his wife’s family, are mostly in the Kobe area, but he asked for our prayers. I hope you’ll respond.