Dumb Ways To Die

The PSA grows up

I saw a great article in AdWeek last month about the way public service announcements are being re-thought.

We’re moving away from terrorizing viewers with brutal images of pain and suffering and towards entertaining and inspiring self-evaluation. At least the video part of our industry is.

Who would’ve thought 107 million people would’ve watched THIS?

Careful. If you watch that twice, the song will be stuck in your head all day.

This PSA for diversity and inclusiveness found a unique stage for delighted mall-walkers one weekend…

Love Has No Labels

Radio has long treated PSAs as fill content for their streaming feeds, content taken as is, usually, with little thought to its impact, including tune-out.

If we’re going to run them, and I have yet to visit a market that couldn’t find wonderful local non-profit groups that need support, the least we can do is our best.

That should be the inviolable rule for everything anyone hears at any time on our stations.