A dose of reality


Yes. You were correct. We are becoming more stupid, at least when we look at IQ.

And, we are also becoming less creative, as measured by the Torrance Test.

The Torrance Test is actually a better predictor of real-world success than traditional IQ tests. There’s only one hitch. Scores on the test may be scientifically valid but they have also apparently been creeping down for decades.”

“A researcher at the University of William and Mary analyzed 300,000 Torrance Test scores since the ’50s. She found that creativity scores began to nosedive in 1990. She concluded that we’re now facing a ‘creativity crisis.‘ “

Unlike the decline in IQ scores, scientists have a pretty good guess what’s causing our collective creativity to tank. Scientists blame “our hurried, over-scheduled lives” and “ever increasing amounts of (time) interacting with electronic entertainment devices.”¬†

Science shows that boredom actually increases creativity, as do activities like long walks (and showers) that demand just enough attention to allow our minds to wander.” (All quotes from Inc.)

It seems pretty clear that we need to set aside time, without any electronic devices summoning our attention, to just think.

Or rather, to silence the noise in our minds to the point that ideas begin popping up like little cartoon bubbles without even being summoned.

We know you can’t do that at your job (though I would argue Radio, in particular, needs to try to arrange that) so you need to schedule time every day, before or after work, where your only goal is deep inner silence.