Doug’s Weird Movie Picks

Yep, they are weird!


PARASITE: Yes, it’s Korean and subtitled. Yes, it’s won almost universal acclaim and some have already named it Best Movie of 2019. It’s the first Koren film ever to win the Palme d’Or in a unanimous decision by the jury at Canne this year. Yes, it is wonderful!



PAIN AND GLORY: “It’s hard not to read the film as a personal reflection centered on its actual director, Pedro Almodóvar, who will turn 70 just days before the film’s US release. As such, it’s one of Almodóvar’s warmest and most poignant works in years.” And yes, it’s in Spanish with English subtitles.


FRANKIE: “All things in life eventually end; Frankie suggests those endings can be as beautiful as the beginnings.” Fabulous cast! It’s tender and warm and human. Isabelle HUPERT is always worth seeing, but in this role, she is a revelation. And, it’s in English.




Finally, if you never saw the original AFTER THE WEDDING, see it now. It’s such a good film.