Don’t Hide

It’s not what you are, it’s what you don’t become that hurts.”*


Too many of us worry too much about acceptance, so we try to fit in.

We try to sound like the person our PD wants us to be, or the person on that station we grew up with that we loved hearing so much.

We try to always sound happy, even when we’re suffering inside.

We try to hide our pain, our problems, our doubts — especially our self-doubts.

Know this: the more of the true you that you share, the more listeners have a chance to bond with you.

The parts of yourself that you hide are the very parts of yourself that make you unique, worth noticing, worth the choice of listening to every day.

Take the risk.

Be vulnerable enough to show who you are, why you wanted to be on the radio.

Share your gifts.



*The quote is from Oscar Levant