Don’t Settle


Great stations are great because of the people working there.

That may seem self-evident, and perhaps it used to be — but not today.

Our definition of “great” has changed, for starters, as has the idea that air talent and programmers still have lots of viable options if they find themselves working for a company that could not care less about the quality of the product, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact sales.

At great stations, you show up prepared because you know your co-workers depend on you. You share ambitions.

You show up prepared because you are allowed enough creative freedom to be distinctive and to connect emotionally with listeners.

You show up prepared because everyone, even the people you can’t stand, strive for “better” every day.

You show up prepared because you’re challenged, supported, valued for your creativity and uniqueness and you are nurtured.

You show up prepared because, together with all those around you, it’s more than a job. It’s a calling, part of who you are and how you define yourself.

If that’s not what you feel at your station, it’s time for a change.

Don’t settle — not when there are still companies and stations and managers that don’t.