Dogs Cry Too


We’ve all seen videos of dogs being surprised by their returning humans, usually from military service abroad, and the unbounded joy and emotion they try to express.

When I was young, my family lived in Malaysia because my parents were missionaries. After 4 years, all mission families were brought “home” to America for a year. Our furlough extended to 2 years so that my father could finish his MA degree in Education.

Growing up in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, I had just about every animal that you can imagine as a pet, including a baby river otter my mother saved on the road to Malacca – but that’s another story.

I also had a dog, a little dachshund, that we had to leave with our closest friends there who promised to take good care of him until we returned.

I was afraid, after two full years, that “Saucy” wouldn’t even remember me but our reunion was mutually joyous.

Dogs are amazing! And THIS STUDY proves something that those of us who love dogs already knew: they feel emotion just like we do.

So you aren’t the only one crying when you reunite after a long absence.

They’ve missed you too.