Do You Have Any or All of These Symptoms?

Covid-19 is a killer!


I grew up in Singapore, and got this video from an old friend who attended Singapore American School with me.

Singapore has its act together, especially compared to the United States. We were woefully unprepared.

Worse, we have cynical leadership, and one News network that created skepticism and doubt about the virus even as it was silently spreading across our land.

This is the most accurate portrayal of what I have encountered personally since March 9. I’ve never had the nausea or diarrhea, but every other symptom, and the daily progression of symptoms is spot on, at least for me. I’m on Day 13 of intense, persistent coughing and low grade fever.

There’s no cure for Covid-19. I’ve spoken to my doctor. I’ve self-quarantined since March 12, when my doctor ordered me tested.

And I just learned late yesterday afternoon, 8 days later, that I tested negative! I do NOT have Covid-19. They didn’t test me for influenza so they can’t state with certainty that’s what I’ve had, but it’s respiratory so it’s likely flu.

And it’s the worst flu I’ve ever had. But with all the warnings about Covid-19, it’s easy to think every case of flu is Covid. I’m proof that is not the case.

Stay home if you can. Take this seriously. It’s not so much to protect you as to protect others who might have a compromised immune system and fare worse than you.

Think how you would feel if you inadvertently infected someone else who had to be hospitalized, or died.

And if you’re not ill, and not in the high risk categories, help someone else, elderly neighbors, someone who has been forced to stop working and desperately needs money.

Do what you can, but first, do no harm.


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