Discover Weekly



Music discovery and curation are becoming a key competitive tension in the music subscription space.”

“Apple has invested heavily in human-crafted playlists and live radio. Luckily for Spotify, they had the foresight to acquire the Echo Nest—the music data company whose tech was used to help build new features like Discover Weekly and Fresh Finds-–in 2014.”

All told, 40 million Spotify listeners have used Discover Weekly. That’s about three times the number of people using Apple Music and Tidal combined.“*


Listeners don’t like new music, do they? Doesn’t everyone know that unfamiliar songs cause tune-out?

We’ve talked about the value of music curation before.

The idea of finding what others think is great works with selling books, music, even food.

And it’s easier and less risky for your station now than ever because you can offer it online.

Plus, by offering it you can deepen your relationship with listeners who want it.

It will help if you think back to the days when what you do wasn’t work but rather the passion of your life, when you spent hours every week listening to music rather than poring over Nielsen data and Selector logs.





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