Deep Feelings

The science of emotions

It’s no secret that the more emotional your content, the more likely you are to bond with those who hear it — and, the more likely they are, then, to share it (assuming you make it easy to do so).

THIS STUDY will show you which emotions are most likely to increase the viral nature of your content, but understand that the researchers were looking at sharing online.

There’s nothing wrong with that, except that most people who will share your content are listening, not reading or watching.

It’s a huge difference.

Who would’ve thought I would notice an ad for gravy, because I don’t even like gravy. I don’t use it. But I, and a lot of other people, watched and remembered this…and the emotional impact was purposeful.

The Greatest Flavor on Earth

I would be happy if you helped me feel anything, except boredom and impatience (wondering when this 10-unit stop set will end).

So much of spoken content on music radio today is total blather.

They won’t really listen to what you’re saying if you prove over and over again that you never really say anything worth hearing.