How to win…


There’s a tremendous power in using the least amount of information to get a point across.“~ Rick Rubin

He was a life-long, card-carrying Republican strategist, but Trump caused him to work for the other side.

This isn’t about who you voted for, or your politics.

It’s about how to move the emotional needle when you talk to your listeners.

When asked which spot produced by The Lincoln Project had surprised him the most, in terms of performance, Rick Wilson pointed to that one above: Decency.

I’ve never seen anything test like that ad. Modest little ad, nothing fancy. But it hammered with suburban women. You know, you rarely get a silver bullet in politics. Political ads, if you move three, four points, you’re like, “Damn, that’s a good spot.” But it was like a switch went off in people’s heads when they saw “Decency.” Yeah, like, “F*** Donald Trump. Never again. I’m done.”

It was crappy phone video. The last 15 seconds—even I get emotional about it. That kid, like, he needed that moment.”

You showed the product—the candidate—in a way that political ads often don’t.


The interview is on and I think you can access it HERE (you may need to be a subscriber, and it’s well worth it if you do).

Look, you can talk about your product in a way most other radio stations don’t.

You can use words and tell stories that move the emotional needle for your listeners.

Or…you can keep saying the same thing about listening at work, and variety and blah blah blah. Using the same words every other radio station in your town uses.

Words so trite and now, meaningless, that listeners no longer even hear them.

It always takes some courage to step outside of the crowd, to do something different, to be willing to be second-guessed.

But if you’ve got the guts, the race is yours to win because no other station in your town will understand what you’re up to, until it’s too late.

I even know wonderfully talented people who will help you craft your message so it’s actually felt as well as heard.

None of them are me. I’m not accepting new clients – but I know each of the people I can steer you towards. I’ve worked with them. I’ve witnessed their skill and talent.

Drop me an email if you’re interested.



And if you’re interested in the man behind today’s Quote of the Day, Rick Rubin, I first mentioned him to you HERE.