Database Dating

Is this a relationship?

Imagine a really attractive person shows interest in you.

Imagine this person asks you to dinner. You go and have a pretty good time Another date is set.

Pretty soon you’re going out several times a week. But this really attractive person only takes you to his favorite restaurants, the same ones over and over.

Worse yet, this person only talks about himself, endless babbling about all the things he’s doing, all the reasons he’s great.

He’s kind of entertaining sometimes, in a goofy way, but mostly he’s become predictable and boring. Not only is he one-dimensional, but the way he treats you is as well.

No interest in you, the things you like, the restaurants you want to try, the challenges of your life, the things that make you cry, that give you hope, that touch your heart…

How many dates before you’d dump this person, no matter how attractive he is physically?

Isn’t this what we’re doing right now with our email blasts, our newsletters, our web sites, even our on-air content?

Would you call this a relationship?