Darius Goes West

We can help

There is not a parent alive who wouldn’t willingly give his or her life for their child. I say that because I have lived it.

When my son was 22 months old, he was very, very sick and finally diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the insulin dependent kind, the kind for which there is no cure.

As my wife and I drove him to the emergency room, we were both silently praying that God would spare him.

To this day, I pray that somehow God will let me shoulder his burden so his young life is not constrained.

So imagine knowing your son has a genetic disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, that is the #1 genetic killer of children, with a 100% mortality rate.


Sometimes, compassion means more than just feeling empathy for those suffering more than you.

Sometimes, compassion means taking action because you know God has spared your life, the lives of your children, so that you can help when others need you.

Please order the DVD. You’re doing more than supporting Darius, more than funding research.

You’re giving hope. And as I wait for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, I can tell you, nothing is worth more…