Creativity Reigns

Don’t say it; be it.

Does your website home page reflect your station?

Do I get an instant sense of what you are, and more importantly, who you are?

Because people connect with people, not things, and if your website home page doesn’t tell a story about who you are, you’re missing an opportunity to make an instant emotional connection with every visitor.

Check this out:


First, there’s a narrative that lets me know within a few seconds who these people are and what they do.

Second, the narrative is engaging, self-deprecating, FUN.

Third, there are brief samples of their work which fit into the narrative and lead me further into the site. The whole thing feels creative, and when you’re looking for a creative shop to design your marketing, that’s a good thing.

If there is a radio or TV station web site like this, I hope you’ll share it with the rest of us in the Comments section below, because I’m unaware of any like this in Radio.

It feels like every radio station web site has been constructed by the same 2 guys, with some minor modifications for format. See for yourself. Check out 10 station sites in other markets. I’ll wait….

Here’s a tip to help your site become unique:

Don’t talk about what you do.

As Nike would say, Just do it.

Be who you are, especially on your home page.

Your story should shine through clearly, quickly, authentically.

What shines through on your Home Page?