Creating Mount Rushmore

Chip, chip, chipping away…

While you’re asking your air staff to post blogs on your station website, and cramming 5 more client banners and promotions onto your Home page, you might take a second to pay attention to this: is well along in building a social media weather alert system.

They’re already marketing it too.

Wow, external marketing. What a concept!

Ohhh, yeah, and if your local TV station can do THIS, why can’t your radio station?

Radio looks on web sites as a place to generate more “value-added” revenue. It looks at social media and thinks it provides one more place to talk about itself.

We’re so busy looking at making an extra dollar today with yesterday’s idea, that we never look up, and out, and think about the potential to provide a real service that will monetize itself.

Haven’t we talked about this a lot?


Inside your building, don’t give up. Don’t give in. Keep hammering your GM.

Even granite can be shaped with the patience and vision to keep chipping away at it…