Creating Magic

Hint: It’s in the process…

This is such a delightful video that I actually watched it twice — but I was on a flight with time to kill, and I’m aware that you may not have that luxury today.

First, a warning: this contains profanity so if f-bombs bother you, skip it.

Jane ni Dhulchaointigh: The Magic Is in The Process from 99U on Vimeo.

How can you not feel connection to her? She’s clearly not an accomplished public speaker, but her humility and authentic enthusiasm is so refreshing, so different from what we’ve come to expect from successful people who shout and boast and drape themselves with bling and praise.

I know she’s not talking about what you do, but it can apply to what you do.

1. “99% perspiration is the story of my life. Making stuff happen is really f***ing difficult! All the magic and all the beauty happens in the process and not in the finished product.” 

Creating great on-air content is really freaking difficult. It takes imagination and hard work, hour after hour, day after day. No great air talent wings it.

2. “Start small and make it good.”

If you want your PD to give you more air time for your content, it had better be really good, because s/he knows precisely how many listeners like the song you will be replacing.

I always coach talent to create one truly great break first. Just one. One amazing, compelling, memorable break. Until you can do that every single day you’re on the air, you don’t need more air time.

3. “You don’t need to be an expert. Learn it.”

This translates to your job as curiousity. Move outside your comfort zones. Immerse yourself in activities and places that feel strange and awkward to broaden your horizons for potential content.

4. “How do your (listeners) feel about you? Inspire me!”  

You will never be great until you connect emotionally with listeners. Until you make me feel, you are just another voice interrupting the music.

We all yearn for inspiration today. We all hunger for good news, for evidence of transcendence and redemption. What are you bringing to your content that answers this need?

5. “People are amazing. Can you help them feel even more awesome?”

It’s not about you. It’s never been about you. It’s about how you make them feel about themselves when they listen to you.

And finally, once you do begin to connect emotionally on a daily basis with your listeners, they will want to help you succeed.

What are you doing to make it easier for your fans to tell their story about you?