Creating Great

A simple insight

If you spend 10 minutes a day on Facebook (and according to their own data, we spend a lot more time than that) you will be left with an inescapable truth:

We each care about what we care about. We care about our families, our lives, our pets, our friends, our pictures — our personal story.

This is the challenge for all mass media, and FB is clearly mass media.

We don’t care about what most advertisers are selling. We don’t even care about what most of our friends are saying.

The key to your personal success, on your station, on your show, is to be someone who helps people feel a little better about who they are when they’re spending time with you…

…to say something that makes them fall even more in love — not with you, not with your music, or your station — but with their own reflection.

I know; it’s tougher than it sounds, but I know some talent that does it really well if you want to listen and learn.