COVID & Nielsen

Uh oh…


So, this is gonna get rough.

It’s going to take lives, most importantly. It going to impact most of us in a personal, profound way.

It’s going to impact your clients. It’s going to put some of them out of business.

And it’s going to impact your ratings.

Yep, Radio isn’t immune.

When people are no longer spending a few hours each day commuting to and from the office, when they’re sitting in their kitchens and living rooms instead, either practicing social distancing or self-quarantining, what do you suppose they’ll be doing, listening to your radio station or watching news updates on TV?

How has that changed the content you’re offering them right now?

How have you coached your team to deal with this new reality?

And if you think less talk and more music is going to create mass listening now, please explain how and why.



p.s I’m always looking for ways you and I can help those most in need of it. THIS is one idea. If you have others, please share, and if you can help, don’t wait to be asked. Find someone in your social circle who needs help and just send it.