Could You Use Your Voice for THIS?

Why not?


I had a conversation recently with an air talent who had been forced from her job in Los Angeles by budget cuts.

She chose to move back to her childhood home, a small town in Kentucky, to help care for a family member who was very ill and needed help.

She had an opportunity with the local Classic Rock station but was a little worried about accepting it for two reasons: (1) the money was so much less than she had become accustomed to, it almost felt insulting; and (2) she didn’t want to be typecast as a small market air talent.

We talked it through. She took the job. She immediately raised the talent bar for every station in that town.

She enjoyed her work but a year into it, she needed to find another way to make extra money. So we talked about what might be possible using her magnificent tool — her voice — in other ways.

If you’re in a similar situation, this may be one possibility for you:

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