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The evidence is clear.

What does your station stand for?

What do YOU stand for?

Despite the invective hurled by both sides in our political races, America stands for something to billions, most of whom have never visited our country.

If you were anywhere near an Apple store over the weekend, you were reminded yet again of the power of Apple’s brand. To billions, even the few who still don’t own an iPhone or Mac, Apple stands for something.

So if I came to your town and asked 100 random people what your station stands for, what word would be repeated most often?

Not what music it plays; what it stands for?

If I ask 100 random people about you, will they know your name? Will they know the station you represent?

Will they know what you stand for?

If I ask that question about Rush, there’s a uniformity in the answers.

If I’m in Dallas and I ask that about Kid Kraddick, there is a uniformity in the answers.

Until you’re willing to stand for something, something so clear and obvious that it informs a conviction to all who know your name, you will never reach your potential.