Connecting The Dots


I did not write what you are about to read.

And, I’m not allowed to share the name of the author with you, such is the state of Radio.

But everything in this post is spot on and you know it:

Why is no one connecting the dots between the “rise” of podcasts and the decline of radio?

What are podcasts besides audio content. What has radio increasingly lacked since the advent of PPM.

Radio is chasing the podcasting model – for $$, of course – by touting itself as the “audio experts.” If that were true then the industry would be ahead of the curve on this. It isn’t. 

Radio has a younger demo problem. Guess who listens to podcasts – a lot.

Radio has abandoned personality and content. Not all, but most. 

Podcasts tell stories. They engage. They do what you always preach – stir emotions.

And radio still thinks it can win on a song-by-song basis. They still think they “break” new music. 

I realize one of the advantages podcasts have is that they are on demand. People want their content when they want it. No changing that.

But, maybe, if radio put interesting people who had something to say in every day-part they might regain relevance.

So, I was (in this major market) a few weeks ago. Listened to (this major radio company’s) attempt at Classic Hits. Station is just a jukebox.

But, for over an hour I listened to the “8 o’clock all request 80’s hour.”

Imaging was boring: “nobody plays more 80’s <side note: Spotify does>)…

But the best part was I heard a total of 3 jock breaks buried deeply within song intros. Not ONE reference to requests. No listener voices. Not even a fake “this is for…” mention. Nothing.

(Me speaking: Maybe they forgot it was an “all request hour”??)

You’re one of the few people I can have a conversation like this with…

Comments? Suggestions? Refutations?

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