Complaints Have No Magic

True this…


“Complaining is something that seems to come so easy and so naturally to us, but the problem is complaints have no magic. They don’t make anyone’s day better, and they don’t help any situation.”

“Try going on a complaint cleanse. Monitor when complaints pop into your mind and instead of saying them out loud, let them go. When we do this, we allow for our language to be part of how we make the world more magical and more peaceful.”

~ That’s from Cleo Wade’s Instagram page.

Every radio station I’ve been in over the past 30 years has had at least one complainer.

One person who constantly bitches and moans about co-workers, their company, their pay, their boss, their life…

If that’s you, stop!

If you don’t have an idea about the solution, keep your complaints to yourself, and look for work elsewhere.

I don’t know an office or home that wouldn’t be improved by turning her statement into a big beautiful poster and sticking it on a wall you see every day.