Coming Home

An American hero

While you and I sit in our air-conditioned homes and offices, worrying about our shrinking 401K and whether we’ll be the next to lose our job, we need to take a moment to remember this: Every day, mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, wives and husbands and children are dealing with the absence — and, too often the loss — of the most important person in their life.  

So, accept the gift of freedom that being born American bestowed upon you, but never forget that everything you have in your life today was paid for by someone willing to give their life so that you can be here, doing this, today.

Thus it should always be for every returning hero.

Say a prayer for every member of our armed forces today, and say a prayer for all those families enduring their loss.

And check out “Coming Home” on Lifetime to find out how you can participate and help.




(My thanks to Paul Meachem for bringing this video to my attention)