Chrysler’s Campaign

Imported from Detroit…

I am an unabashed fan of Chrysler’s Super Bowl spot featuring Clint Eastwood.

I loved its message, its emotion. Many must have, because it’s been watched on YouTube alone, almost 11 million times.

Some felt like it was an ad for President Obama; I guess I didn’t see that since it ‘s an ad to brand a car company, not a political party — but these days, everything seems to be politicized and rancorous.

If you want the perspective of the new CEO of Chrysler, CBS’ 60 Minutes did a segment on him recently. It’s a great piece! He seems so unlike what I imagined the CEO of Fiat and Chrysler to be, in both demeanor and engagement. I liked him. If you missed it, you can watch it HERE.

Anyway, the real point of this is to show you Chrysler’s follow-up spots, the spots that continue the theme of re-branding this car company.

I love these too, for the same reasons I loved “Halftime in America.”

I’d love to know what you think, and if you think this new way of selling cars by building an emotional tie to the company that makes them will work. Feel free to comment below.

First, “Tommy Ram”…

That is just brilliantly written and voiced. Every word counts, every image too. Love, hope, pride…great spot.

#2: “Shaun in the Challenger”

Service, sacrifice, pride, commitment, hope. It captures America at this moment in our history.

#3 is probably my least favorite, though I still think it’s effective. It just didn’t quite hit the emotional buttons — for me — as well as the first two spots do. Here’s “300 My Son Steven”…

Funny thing is, I love the Chrysler 300 car! I have since I rented one in Vancouver, BC a few years ago.

Finally, the fourth in the campaign: “Jenny In The Jeep Wrangler”

Acceptance of the change this economy has forced upon so many, but quiet strength from a more vulnerable, younger voice, and definite optimism.

I hope this campaign works, for a lot of reasons. I love the concept. I love the writing, and voice-acting. I love the message that our best is not behind us.

I hope Chrysler thrives too. I am now officially a fan.

*PS. Chrysler just announced their March sales rose 34%, so evidently something’s working…