Christmas Stories From Spain

Aimed at the heart…


The ads for the Spanish Lottery have been my favorites over the years: “Justino,” the lonely night watchman, “Carmen,” the widowed grandmother, who mistakenly believes she’s won and wants nothing more than to share with all her village friends, and “Danielle,” featuring a beautiful alien and super cute dog.

Each told a story everyone can relate to, a story that was so sweet and human we couldn’t help but feel when we watched.

And, they’re among my favorites this year too, designed to help us feel grateful for small mercies: hope in the face of desperation…


For those whose lives have been touched by divorce, the realization that family is still family, that love can survive…

Each is designed to be emotional, not merely transactional, because Christmas is about more than spending money on expensive gifts.

Christmas is about sharing, isn’t it.

And from every ad I’ve seen them run over the past few years, the Spanish Lottery gets it.

All you have to do is contrast those ads with this one from the New York State Lottery. Their Christmas ad is more about the CGI than any emotional reaction:

See the difference?


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