Choosing Heaven

Grab a kleenex…

You’ve probably seen THIS STORY.

Would you air it on your station?

How would you talk about it with your listeners, because I’m almost certain it would get listener response? In fact, I’m certain those who have heard about it are already talking about it. You’re just not part of their conversation.

Life begins and ends all around us every day and most of us remain blissfully focused on ourselves.

Something like this is so compelling it can force us out of our narcissism, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

I understand some, perhaps most, of you would not want this on your station. You’d rather your frequency be a place of happiness and laughter.

But don’t forget, even M*A*S*H, one of the most successful comedies ever created for TV, sometimes made us cry.

Your station isn’t a comedy club. I don’t think anyone expects non-stop laughs and only laughs each time they tune in.

Life is not that way. Not mine. Not yours. Not your listeners’.

And it’s not a bad thing to remind us occasionally that our lives are pretty darn good when we’re healthy, and that tears can be healing too.