Chasing Ratings

Gets us the Kardashians.


I have been accused of not spending enough time immersed in ratings and research data.

There’s no question that I focus intensely on the product, everything that comes out of the speakers on which your station is heard.

I’ve always believed that when your station sounds great, consistently and clearly better than the other stations in your market, ratings will follow.

So far, I’ve not been proven wrong.

If you want to hire a consultant who will do an in-depth analysis of every title in your music library, who will parse milliseconds in deference to Nielsen’s PPM, who will not put anything on the air until it’s been tested and researched, I’m not your guy.

So, it was gratifying to learn I’m not the only successful consultant who is pushing back against the relentless data obsession today.

Who else, you ask?

Click HERE and find out…

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