Changing Minds

Really interesting science…


It’s long been known that most of us will adjust our own expressed views to match those of the people around us.

For instance, if we’re told a wine is rated highly by judges we respect, we not only pay more for it, we rate it higher after drinking it.

Now, new brain-scanning research shows that we’re not just saying our minds have changed to match the opinions of others, they really have changed. Our brains prove it.

Here’s the study, if you’re interested…

What can you take away from this?

Well, for starters, real listener testimonials — and note the emphasis on real — actually can change other listeners’ opinions. It’s clear that hearing authentic, enthusiastic endorsements of our music or talent can change the experience other listeners will have immediately following.

Secondly, use any chance you have to let your listeners have access to research, ratings, awards and any other credible testimony about the quality of your product. Think about how you might share scores of your highest-testing titles. When one of your air talents wins an award, have one of those who judged bang the drum for you.

This kind of sharing won’t just change an opinion or two, it has the power to actually improve the experience of listening to your station.

That’s worth the effort.