Changing Minds

Inside your building…

It’s difficult enough to change your own mind about something you’ve believed based on your life experience, let alone change someone else’s.

We’ve all got a lifetime’s worth of confirmation bias that supports what we already believe. And who likes having their core beliefs questioned and proven wrong?

This truth explains why so many Trumpers persist in believing the 2020 election was “stolen” – that Trump actually won – despite overwhelming factual evidence to the contrary, even within the Republican Party.

And it explains why it’s so hard to try to change your GM’s mind, or your Regional VP’s mind, about the necessity of hiring better, more creative talent for your station.

Even if they know your stations need a talent upgrade, their bonus is based on this quarter’s profit, not the long-term viability of Radio.

And it explains why it’s impossible to persuade most program directors to change their station liners, to use those sweepers and bumpers to actually say something meaningful, something that surprises listeners and connects with their feelings rather than their statistical, logical brain.

But it doesn’t hurt to keep trying.