Cash Mobs

Perfect for Radio

Have you heard about “cash mobs“?

They’re like a flash mob, but with a community purpose, and it sounds perfect for local radio.

We all know life hasn’t been easy for small business since Wall Street crashed the world economy in 2007 with their, at best, unethical betting on both sides of arcane derivitives linked to mortgages. (In fact, we’re still on the precipice of disaster, with both Europe and China now struggling.)

So why not support one of your local businesses with a cash mob?

It’s a bit like a remote but without the sales pressure. The station’s not trying to make money from the event. They’re not sold, and they can’t be bought. It’s an act of community goodwill.

It’s not a sale. There aren’t special discounts. But you can encourage everyone who participates to commit to spending a minimum of say, $20.

For a small business, 100 people buying $20 of merchandise, will make their month.

Consider it giving back to your community.

And for every local merchant you help, tell me your altruism won’t be rewarded down the road.

It’s good business because it’s the right thing to do.

Local radio supporting the local community.

It’s what local radio has always done.

cash mob