Last year, I shared this ad for the Spanish national lottery.

It won every major award for advertising.

And while this year’s ad features live actors rather than that beautiful animation, it still touches the heart:

The story of a grandmother mistakenly believing she’s won the lottery creates anticipation for her eventual disappointment.

But then comes the twist that touches the heart.

This is the perfect time of year for stories of generosity, of family, of community, of hope.

Find the stories that fill your town.

Share the stories that touch your heart.

Shine the light of hope for all listeners to “see” by your example.

You’re squandering an opportunity for human connection if you don’t.

*I became aware that some of you viewing on mobile devices were not seeing the subtitled version I put on my web site. I’m not sure why, nor if this will allow you to see the closed caption version, but let’s try it HERE.