Can You Imagine?

I mean, seriously!

Here’s the headline:

NPR’s Honchos Talk Digital at “Think In” in San Francisco.

It seems the CEO and Digital Media SVP of NPR traveled to Silicon Valley last week to listen to the “experts” and get ideas for where they should be heading in the future. Here’s the full story.

Imagine that. I thought NPR was already ahead of the game compared to commercial radio when it comes to digital stuff.

Has this idea occurred to anyone at Clear Channel, or CBS, or Citadel, or Cumulus, or Entercom?

Of course, that would mean they would have to actually listen rather than issue edicts, or demand staff cuts.

And that would require them to believe that someone outside their companies might have ideas from which they could benefit.

That’s the part I can’t imagine.

But, just to show I’m not cynical, I have found the solution.


Who wants to volunteer to save his radio company first?