Can Creativity Be Taught?

The surprising answer is…

Yes!imagine cover1

There’s a fascinating new book you must read: Imagine, by Jonah Lehrer.

Jonah, who also wrote How We Decide (another one you need to read if you haven’t already), has his BS in Neuroscience from Columbia, but he’s made his mark as an author.

He has a gift for making the complex easy to understand.

We talk a lot about the power of — and need for — creativity in our business, but most of the people in charge of coaching talent, or making final decisions about most things inside a radio station, have absolutely no real scientific understanding of how to foster it, or even encourage it.

Imagine will change that.

Then it’s up to you, especially if you’re higher up on the organizational chart, to take what you learn and change the decisions you’ve made — or executed — that have made creativity a rare commodity inside most buildings.


Here, watch this…

Now, go to Amazon and pre-order this book.

Paint some walls.

Encourage play.

Staff so there is time for daydreaming.

Create an atmosphere that nurtures creativity.