But Of Course They Deserve A Bonus

Isn’t life grand?


I feel great. I bet you do too.

If not, you may have missed these two headlines from AllAccess:

Key iHeartMedia Executives Receive A ‘Retention Bonus’, Pittman And Bressler In Line For $7M More In ‘Incentives’

Cumulus Media Awards Mary Berner A $1.087M Bonus

But of course they deserve these bonuses.

I mean, both companies are so successful, making so much money for shareholders.

And both companies are so committed to their employees, the talent that actually produces what they sell.

In fact, I bet if we polled those employees they would overwhelmingly support these bonuses, and would probably, gladly, give up some of their paychecks to prove it.

Excuse me, I have to go now.

I’ve split my head open banging it against this wall.