Time to stand up and be counted.

This movie doesn’t open until March 30, so why am I making you aware of it now?

Because the movie ratings geniuses stuck it with an R rating, because of language.

Isn’t the whole point of this documentary to change the behavior of the very kids an R-rating will block?

Children in your community need you to stand up for them. Now.

You can help.

Join The Bully Project HERE, and write to MPAA.ORG to demand that they revise their rating for this important film, from an R-rating to a PG-13 rating.

Join Ellen DeGeneres’ campaign to make sure this film is seen by as many middle school children as possible, because that’s the best time to try to stop the cycle of bullying.

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It’s up to those of us who are big enough and strong enough to help stop bullying.

It should be ok to be “different” anywhere, but especially here, in our country.