Broadcast TV’s in the Money


A funny thing happened on the way to Broadcast TV’s funeral service.

The supposedly deceased not only turns out to be alive, but thriving.

Seems like all the blogosphere wants to crow about is how broadcasting is so yesterday, so dead in the water.

Which makes this news, that ad spending is up more than 20% in 2010, a bit of a problem. Sure, a lot of this is political advertising in an election year, but money is money.

Not only is ad spending way up, the ads appear to be working too. Imagine that.

Plus, the surprising news that the 4 networks saw their audience increase this year, while cable TV saw audience erosion for the first time in 10 years.

Broadcast television is working for clents. And it’s not just being used for reach. It’s meeting clients’ objectives and moving their products.” (Jackie Kulesza)

As usual, it pays to remember that those who write blogs, as those who publish newspapers, usually — no, make that always — have an agenda.

And in this case, it appears the death of broadcasting has been greatly exaggerated.