Bring It

And bring it every single day!

There’s no line item on a balance sheet for ‘give a damn,’ but it’s the most valuable thing you’ve got in the business.” ~ Casey Gerald

Now why do you think your employees should give a damn?

So that the CEO gets a bigger bonus?

Or so they don’t get fired?

Fear is actually a very good motivator but it tends to kill creativity. Radio’s been using fear almost exclusively since consolidation. How’s that working out for our industry?

So, let’s personalize it.

Do you give a damn?

Chances are, the reason you give a damn could also be the reason those who work for/with you give a damn.

Sometimes that’s about money, but often it’s also about making a difference, believing you have the ability and opportunity to make substantial contributions which are recognized and rewarded.

Not that tough to understand, is it?

If you have influence with even one decider in your company, use it to make working at your station better for everyone.

Reward everyone who gives a damn and watch it spread.