March 22, 2021


Boulder, Colorado is the most laid-back city in America. My younger sister lives there.

I was visiting once and accompanied her to her credit union. There was a short line of customers waiting for a teller and directly in front of us was a young woman dressed as Barbara Eden in “I Dream of Genie.”¬† She had gone to the trouble to find little curled Elf shoes as well.

No one even seemed to notice her. No one remarked on her costume. She did not stand out as odd in any way in Boulder.

Boulder is what you’d expect if every day was Halloween and everyone you met was slightly high, which they may be.

It is home to the University of Colorado, the most picturesque campus in America, with about 35,000 students.

That is about 3,000 fewer people than are killed by gun violence every year in America.

Every year!

That’s more than 105 people shot to death every day of every year in America.

There are almost 400 MILLION privately owned weapons in America, and that number is growing daily.

I don’t care if the gun, or the person who used the gun yesterday to slaughter 10 people — as they shopped for groceries! — is to blame.

I just know this unwillingness to try to find a solution is madness.

No other nation on earth would watch 38,000 of its citizens die by gun violence, every year, and not try to change something to stem those losses.

No other free peoples on earth would put up with this, shrug their shoulders, talk about praying for the victims and the families left behind, and blandly go on with their daily routine.

It’s madness.

It’s depressing.

Yesterday was the second mass shooting in our nation in a week. And that does not feel unusual anymore.

There is no safe place in America today. Not in our schools, our churches, our malls, our office buildings…and now, not even in our grocery stores.