Blessed By God

“And I am”…


There’s not many left now. Hope you can find a member of “The Greatest Generation” and just say “Thank you” to them today.

In 1944, D-Day, the Allied forces paid an awful price to create a beachhead in Europe.

I think every American, every free person in Europe for that matter, should visit Omaha Beach in Normandy, walk silently through row upon row of the thousands of perfectly spaced, white marble crosses in the American Cemetery there and reflect on that price.

Once in your life. At least once. Whisper the names you see on those headstones. Acknowledge their lives and their deaths.

Their sacrifice eventually led to my own father’s liberation from a POW camp (Stalag Luft 3) in which he’d been kept for almost a year.

So this is — always will be — personal to me.

He’s gone now, as are most of those of that time, so if one is still in your life, please share this with them, and thank them for me and my family.

They left us a better world and we could do much worse than aspire to be like them today.

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